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These scholarships offer approximately $7,800 to support your child’s access to the private school that aligns with their academic needs or can be used to support your child’s at-home education through the Personalized Education Program.  For students who are attending a public school other than their zoned school, a transportation scholarship valued at a minimum of $750 is available.  Sign up to be among the first to know when applications open for the new school year. 

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One application can change your child’s future.

Evan - Step Up For Students FTC/FES-EO Scholarship Receiver


"Evan is where he needs to be (in a school for the arts). We have the scholarship to thank for that."
-Evan's Dad

Ilen - Step Up For Students FTC/FES-EO Scholarship Receiver


"It was really difficult to make ends meet when I was younger, so I wouldn’t have been able to attend a private school where I received such an excellent education."

Julian - Step Up For Students Unique Abilities Scholarship Receiver


"I've had a lot of opportunities in high school, a lot of memories, and I could never be more grateful. The only reason why I was able to go there was because of the scholarship."


Get the resources you need for your child’s education with a FTC or FES-EO scholarship.

These programs give families a choice of financial assistance toward:

  • Private school tuition & fees
  • Transportation
  • And more through an education savings account

Both scholarships are based on financial need and not how well your child does in school.

FTC and FES-EO Scholarship FAQ

What are the guidelines to be eligible for the scholarship?

You can find program details and information on eligibility here. If you have any questions after reviewing, please contact us at 1-877-735-7837, email us at You can also reach out to us via online chat on our website.

How do I apply & what documents will I need to submit with my application?

In 2023 the state legislature opened up school choice options for all Florida families regardless of income. However, lower income families still have priority, which is why families applying for the FTC and FES-EO programs must submit supporting documentation along with their application. 

The documents needed will vary from one application to the next depending on each family’s situation. However, the following documents are ones that are typically requested: 

  • Paystubs (30 consecutive days closest to when you submit your application)
  • Proof of residency for all members in the household (this could include health insurance, Medicaid, income documentation, utility bills, court custody documents or a residential lease listing household members)
  • Any other sources of income (such as unemployment benefits, social security benefits, child support benefits, etc.)
  • Driver’s license or passport for primary and secondary parents

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis in the order all required documents are received. Please keep in mind that you may be requested to submit additional documents depending on your particular situation.

Where can I find an eligible school?

You can search for eligible schools in your area on our partner site, Schoolahoop. Enter your address, zip code, or city, and the site displays a map listing nearby schools as well as information about the daily schedule, the age range, the school’s demographics, average class size, and available transportation.

If you see a school that interests you, contact the school to learn more and find out if they have available space for your child.

How much are scholarships worth and what do they cover?

The private school scholarship option averages $7,800 a year. The transportation scholarship option is worth at least $750 a year.

To see what the FTC and FES-EO programs cover, please refer to the full Parent Handbook.

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